Pistachio Shortbread with Dark Chocolate Ganache {gluten-free}

This is the 50th post on this blog!!! Woot woot. A lot has changed my friends. #1: this wasn’t even a cooking blog at first, just a place for me to vent. #2: I’m now gluten-free which is…a bummer which has changed my life and in turn my blog. #3: some more stuff that isn’t really coming to mind as of now.

Anyway, this pistachio shortbread is both delicious and easy peasy. Mix it, freeze it, cut it, cook it, drizzle it, eat it! Plus, pistachios are hip guys. A new, unique flavor that is amazing in buttery shortbread. Continue reading


Apple Blackberry Blueberry Pie {gluten-free}

Honestly, one of the most difficult things about making these posts is writing. It stresses me out so much trying to say the right thing and trying to sound genuine and fun and interesting and not crazy. So I put it off until I write some dumb little captions on the photos. I don’t want to do that anymore. I love to write, I want these little paragraphs on my little blog to represent at least a little part of me. I want this thing I show the world to be something I’m proud of. So I’m trying to stop putting up walls and editing myself out so much. All in, right? Anyway I just finished How I Met Your Mother (yes, I’m super late, I know) and cried so I’m very emotional fragile right now. That my be the source of my dramatic monologue on blogging..

ANYWAY, (I say “anyway” so much on this blog, I go on way to many tangents) Shout out to whoever invented U-Pick. Fabulous idea, wish I had thought of it myself. It’s a great way for non-committal people like me to act like they’re part of their food production system without any of the work!  And guess who U-Picked the hell out of some apples: this girl. Hell yeah guys and then I made a Blackberry (Blueberry) Apple Pie. Continue reading


Blueberry Pie {gluten-free}

This is the pie you reminisce about a couple weeks into the fall trimester. When outlines, presentations, and tests plague your schedule, this little pie edges into the cracks of your overwhelmed brain like a little oasis. You crave that sweet little beach house and those quiet sunsets on the lake. This pie is the essence of summer. Fresh blueberries you picked yourself by the pound(s) prepared according to your grandma’s worn-in The Joy of Cooking. A simple pie crust that you might just have gotten right. Gathered around a long wooden table eating this delicious simplicity, savoring the last day of this lakeside paradise.

I really miss summer…can you tell? And though my version of summer might be a little romanticized, I seriously do love this pie. Maybe it will never be as good as it is on the lake. It could be the hand-picked Michigan blueberries or the beach daze, either way it was lovely then it will still be pretty lovely now. Continue reading


Mini Blueberry Pies {gluten-free}

Everyone loves mini stuff. Who wouldn’t love a little, adorable version of something that’s already great? Mini desserts have been quite a craze in the cooking world lately. (They’re still cool right? I really am not that up to date..) So c’mon follow the trends people! Get in with the cool kids! Mainly try these itsy-bitsy pies because they’re super good. Continue reading


Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Shortbread {gluten-free}

To me, summer is a time of indulgence. Sleep till noon. Buy two scoops of strawberry ice cream instead of one. Watch an entire season of TV in less than a reasonable amount of time. Eat shortbread. Then eat more shortbread. Chocolate dipped hazelnut shortbread perhaps?

Now, it all starts with hazelnuts. Before this, I had never dealt with hazelnuts before. What I have learned is: they’re a pain in the ass but they taste damn good.
Continue reading


Lemon Coconut Shortbread Bars {gluten-free}

Lemon bars are my fave. (yes, I said fave, deal with it) I love lemon bars. Ever since I was a little kid the tart, lemony topping and sweet, buttery shortbread had my mouth watering. So I decided to use my new coconut flour, which I am very excited about, to spice up the traditional lemon bars. Giving credit where credit is due, I just googled a recipe. So no, I am not Martha Stewart. My apologies, but that’s what the internet is for, right?
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Happy Birthday to Me?

Ooooh Sweet Sixteen! Do I feel any older? No. Any wiser? No. I’m pretty much still me. But my birthday was fabulous nonetheless and I am so thankful to all my friends and family who made it so wonderful. If you’re interested, here’s how it went:

June 9th: My actual birthday. Second to last day of classes before final exams. Spent the first hour of my special day finishing my english final paper, but even through the stress my birthday was properly celebrated. What I mean by that is, we had cake and presents.


My mom made me my favorite birthday cake: strawberries and cream. It was delicious and utterly gluten-free.


The best cakes are not always the prettiest. I mean, look at all those strawberries. Yum!

June 14th: My birthday party day. I survived finals and was relishing the first few days of summer. To celebrate, some friends and I attended a cooking class in San Francisco  where we rolled sushi.


And for those who aren’t a fan of raw fish, we made the best chicken teriyaki I’ve ever tasted. It had ginger in it. Whaaaaaaatt?????


Afterwards, we floated around paddle boating in Golden Gate Park. It was definitely one of the top 2 birthday parties ever, right after the Little Mermaid themed one. And yeah, I know this is a little late. But when have I ever done anything on time?

Much Love,