Angel Food Cupcakes + Raspberry & Lemon Frosting {gluten-free}

It’s been awhile.. To be honest, I made these for Valentines Day but I figure they’re acceptable for any occasions because cupcakes are never not good. Also, as you can tell my frosting skills leave much to be desired, but I’m sure you can do better. So good luck and happy cooking!

Much Love,

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Decadent Chocolate Skillet Cake + Happy Anniversary! {gluten free}

It’s January 10th the anniversary of some very important events. Including but not limited to Julius Caesar signaling the start of a civil war, the tragic death of Coco Chanel, and finally the founding of this very blog! Yay!! It’s our one year anniversary! At the start of 2012 I made a resolution to commit to a blog and I did! And I’m so glad that I did because I love it and I love you all. Thank you so much for reading my blog it means so much. I wish you all the best in this new year. Thanks again!

Much Love,

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Happy (late) New Year!

Happy New Year (a couple days late)!! Wow it’s been a long year. I’ve grown so much as a person and I’ve come out of it better than when I went in. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, it’s complicated. I hope you all had a fabulous New Years and this year is everything you hope it will be. A new year a new me right? So I’m going to change the name of this blog. No more angst-y “Memoirs of Second Place” it’s been good but it’s time to move on. So from here on forward this blog will be called “Much Love, Audrey” (unless I change my mind again.) I will try super duper hard to post more here. See you soon!


Peanut Butter Cookies for the Soul {gluten-free}

So sorry I’ve been M.I.A. these past couple weeks, I’ll try to be more consistent. These cookies are for when you need a little comfort. When you need to curl up with some fluffy puppies and a sweet peanut buttery cookie and watch a good ole chick flick.


So enjoy this recipe and this picture of cute sleepy puppies that I got to hang out with and happy cooking!
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Pecan Almond Cookies with Maple Frosting {gluten-free}

Whew, these cookies were a real..adventure. The dough was a pain to figure out but it worked out! I’d been dying to make some fall-themed cookies ever since I found these cool-as-hell leaf cookie cutters. And I’m really happy with these. Unfortunately the maple frosting is not that maple-y, you can add maple extract if you wish. Happy cooking!

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Back To School, Reluctantly

The time has come, yet again, for me to return to school. So here I am evaluating my summer. Remembering all the great things I did (visited Chicago, cut my hair short, slept under the stars, ate blueberries by the pound, and slept and slept and slept) and all the things I wish I had done (gone to the pool more, had a whirlwind summer romance, became super hot and popular). But here we are anyway, still me, only minus almost a foot of hair and slightly less pale.
So I have a couple things to say to y’all before we all get swept up in the madness of the school year, and here they are:
1. To all of my lovely-beautiful-awesome followers, thankyouthankyouthankyou for following me. And to everyone else reading/liking/commenting, thank you so much for your support, it is much appreciated. I’m so glad this blog is helpful, entertaining, or worthwhile to someone.
2. With going back to school and all I have much less free time to update this blog. So instead of two posts a week, I’m cutting it down to just one.
3. Sorry for all my run-on sentences. I have an affinity for commas and use them much to generously. But hopefully I will improve by the end of this school year. (Let’s be real, probably not.)

P.S. See ya next week :)

With Very Much Love,


Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting {gluten-free}

My favorite chocolate cake recipe to date, is this one. Whenever there was a need for a baked good, from school events to my cravings, this recipe came to the rescue. It’s super easy, and best of all, it makes minimal mess! And of course for frosting, I would always use my reliable favorite, cream cheese.

This recipe was one of the first couple things I baked. I can remember not having any dessert except for stale candy in the cupboard from 3 Halloweens ago, or maybe a couple scrapes of frostbitten ice cream in the freezer. It was a barren dessert, desert; my worst nightmare. But I’d whip these up and boom, we’d eat them for the rest of the week.

I love these because they are so simple, but they are delicious. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make something new and exciting all the time. But I think it’s important to remember, recipes are meant for joy; the joy of creating, eating, and sharing. They don’t all have to be stunning, there is joy in simplicity and reliability too. So here on Memoirs of Second Place we’re throwin it back; kickin it old school. But I did add a little twist, these cupcakes are mini! Simply because it’s adorable and you can eat a thousand and feel slightly less guilty (also because I am a hypocrite).

School is starting up, so this recipe will be especially helpful to all of you who can’t eat gluten or have kids that can’t eat gluten. With all the parties and birthdays, it’s a bummer to be gluten free. But you can freeze these or just whip em up and have an alternative to bring to whatever event you’re attending. So good luck! And happy cooking! Continue reading


3-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

Oops. Sorry, there was only one post last week. As summer is winding down its been pretty busy. But I have a recipe for you today!! It’s so yummy, I could eat this for the rest of my life. (I really like pudding)
This recipe is staggeringly simple. I love pudding but I usually don’t make it because it requires a trip to the store for gelatin, and a what feels like forever to set. And if you make it from the box, it just doesn’t taste as good as homemade.
For this recipe you can make a smaller portion that only takes 15-20 minutes to set, or you can make it for a crowd that has to chill overnight. And we have both recipes. Either way is super easy and super delicious! Happy Cooking! Continue reading

On Gluten-Free

Hi guys! So some of you might have been wondering what’s up with all the gluten-free recipes. And I think I owe you an explanation.
Until recently I thought eating gluten-free was a diet fad that would quickly fade. Until my brother was diagnosed with Celiac. Now that sounds pretty sinister, don’t worry it’s not. If you don’t know, Celiac is an autoimmune disease passed down genetically. What happens is that when gluten is digested it freaks out the cilia in the intestines that absorb nutrients so the cilia goes wack and destroys itself. This disease can develop or intensify at any time in someone’s life. There’s also limited knowledge about it in the medical world and no known cure. But the disease isn’t very dangerous or anything. It just makes it very difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, and if left untreated could lead to various complications.
So basically once my brother was diagnosed fairly recently and has been eating gluten-free ever since. Because my brother has it and the disease is genetic, the whole family got blood tests to see what was up. Everyone was negative except for me and my mom. To be sure I have the disease, they’ll be doing a procedure to examine my cilia (I know, yuck).
So I’ve been experimenting with recipes to see how to deal with this gluten free diet. And really it’s not that bad. Except for that its a pain in the ass. Going out to restaurants can be frustrating and sometimes not possible. But the good news is the world is warming up to gluten free, and realizing its gonna be around for awhile. So as more and more people learn about Celiac and gluten allergies, more and more options for eating gluten free are popping up everywhere. It’s pretty cool.
I hope my recipes can be a useful resource to you too; whether you have Celiac, are allergic to gluten, are on a diet, or just want to try something new. And don’t worry, these recipes aren’t gross. They all taste awesome because eating should be enjoyable and delicious. And remember if you don’t want to eat gluten-free, all my recipes can be easily converted to contain gluten. Thanks for reading!